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Voici l'annonce de Gametribe (en anglais) pour ceux qui ne sont pas au courant ^^

The Witch Doctor is coming on May 27th!

GameTribe knows well that you are longing to become Witch Doctor, but you won’t have to wait too much!
Witch Doctors belong to one of the most mysterious classes. They usually don't show up in public and people know them only from rumors and guessing. Stay tuned for more details…

In the meanwhile, check the in-game item shop for these brand new permanent items:

* Big Magic Giftbox. Open it to get Big Mysterious Package. It can store 8 different items.
* Magical Accessories Box. Open it to receive the Magical Accessories Box. Holds costumes, necklaces, charms, accessories, rings and back, face or mouth items. Holds up to 4 time-limited items.
* Mysterious Stone Box. Open to receive Magical Stones Box. Holds 8 stones.
* Amazing Accessories Gift Box. Open to receive Super Suitcase. Can hold 8 costumes, necklaces, charms, accessories, rings, back, face and mouth equipment. Only for permanent items.
* Excellent Materials Gift Box. Open to receive Supremely Superior Material Pack. Holds 8 types of excellent materials. Stacks up to 60,000 items of each type.
* Excellent Eggsploiter Gift Box. Open to receive Excellent Eggsploiter Box. Holds 16 Eggsploiters.

You will also find new goodie bags and permanent costume and accessories!

* Leather Goodie Bag (boys and girls versions available). Try your luck to get Leather Clothing and sunglasses, 15 day, 30 day or permanent.
* Permanent Crimson Mecha costume and accessories (helmet and jetpack). Available until May 27th.

Il vaut mieux se taire et passer pour un con que l'ouvrir et confirmer qu'on en est un
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Witch Doctor
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